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Miss Money is my anonymous personal finance blog. I will divulge my career opportunities, income, expenditures, savings, and debt. My goals include moving my net worth from "negative" -$45,500 to -$33,000 in one year, get out of credit card debt and improve my FICO credit score from 656 to 750.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Welcome to Miss Money!

Welcome to Miss Money - my personal finance blog.

I hope to use this space to relate my progress towards achieving my financial goals.

Those include:
1. Getting out of credit card debt
2. Getting rid of student loan debt
3. Increasing my liquid personal savings
4. Increasing my retirement fund - 401(k)
5. Building up a nest egg in order to purchase a home

I plan to post more of my details later and relate my plan of action for each of these items. I hope you will start reading this and help me to stay on track. I hope we can give each other good advice. I know I have a lot to learn!


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