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Friday, September 02, 2005

Signing Bonus and Simplification

I recieved my signing bonus in the mail yesterday. I was really excited and relieved with moving expenses looming on the horizon. However two things quickly killed my buzz: a) my $2500 bonus turned out to be only a little over $1650 after taxes, and b) the bank is holding the check and the bulk of the money ($1500) will not be available for 5 business days.

Anyway, it should still work out fine and I should certainly expect a refund come next tax season. Cash flow is picking up otherwise though because I have gotten in the selling mood!

I decided that I would rather sell or give away any stuff I don't want before I move. Preferably, I want to sell stuff because it helps cash flow and will help me ultimately get out of debt.

1) My wedding china was sold on eBay. I set my reserve at $200 and someone bought it for $202.50 with a shipping charge of $25. That's $227.50 is pending in Paypal but will be in my account soon.

2) I am selling off CDs. I have sold about 10-15 so far for a total of $22.00. I have about 20-25 more to take to the stores next week. That's a little more cash and since my partner is doing the same and saying up the funds he makes for a iPod we are making progress. (He has brought in over $160 from CD sales so far and still has about 50 more to sell. His music is more voluminous and more in demand than my Britney Spears collection!) :)

3) I am going to sell some (very few -- like 40) books from my collection. Most are duplicate books that both me and my fella' have in common and some are ones I will never read for sure - precalculus anyone? I hope to get at least $10-$20 this way. We will see.

4) I put an ad for my old 2000 laptop on craigslist.com and I got about 15 inquiries on it, but no one is actually following up by showing up to purchase it. I am asking for $100, but I have had offers ranging from $20 (yuck!) to $250.

5) I packed up two boxes worth of clothing and took it to Goodwill. Two more boxes I don't have to move!

Total dollars so far: $249.50

More dollars possible: $110


Blogger lpkitten said...

good luck! i know what you mean about craigslist man. people low-balled me all the time when i was trying to sell my laptop. if you are patient, you can find someone who will pay you what you are asking for it. don't be taken in by the cheapskates!

September 03, 2005 12:28 AM  
Blogger Flexo said...

I've had really good results selling my (and my girlfriend's) old college textbooks on Amazon.com. Now's the time they are in demand!

September 06, 2005 4:28 PM  
Anonymous mbhunter said...

Great overall plan for reducing your debt! A lot of these posts would be great for the Carnival of Debt Reduction. First installment is Sept. 19th. Check out my website for details!

Glad I ran across your blog. lpkitten's blog sent me here! ;)

September 08, 2005 2:07 AM  

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